Charter vakuutukset

A good skipper should always hope for the best but be ready for the worst possible claims.

Probably you are aware of the importance of the insurance for your safety, but have you thought about possible financial consequences from your mistakes? Event and expert skipper can not avoid them sometimes. Therefore, skipper insurances protects your from financial consequences. Yacht-Pool offers coverages for amateur who charters a boat for private purpose (without income) and professional skippers who get paid for their work.

Third party liability of a skipper

This coverage protects you of requests which can came as a consequence of a damage you made towards third persons, including the damage on the chartered boat as a consequence of a bad negligence. As the insurance of the vessel does not cover gross negligence, this is a crucial point of this coverage.

Insurance of consquential damages

In case that the claim on the chartered boat is not closed till the next charter, and therefore the charter company needs to cancel someone else’s charter, you as a skipper are responsible for the resulting financial loss. This kind of risk can be covered by an insurance.

Skipper accident insurance

If you suffer from an accident and you get hurt, the insurance is valid in case of invalidity.  But the break of a bone is not covered because bones heal. Insured are also the loss of organs according to the terms and conditions and included also in the coverages for death and salvage.

Charter cancelation costs

If some of your crew member got diagnosed and heavily ill and therefore he is not capable to take part on a sailing trip, the person involved can cancel the trip and get the price for the charter back. In case that the skipper can not bord because of an illness, all crew members can cancel the charter and will be reimbursed. This case makes a difference regarding other insurance coverages.

Charter deposit insurance

This type of insurance coverage protects your deposit left in the charter company for your charter.